Desteni I Process Lite: A Perspective – Day 282


Desteni I Process Lite is available to anyone willing to explore the unknown. It is not a get rich quick scheme, it’s not a better you in 20 days – it’s a kind of Reality 101 thing.

But isn’t what is “real” a subjective opinion made by each of us? Yup, and welcome to the world: a mess of competing subjectivities; all certain they are right, while the real world of this physical reality – bleeding right in front of us – is relegated to the back of our collective bus, as if the physical world is just an ‘afterthought’ to our precious opinions.

Desteni i Process challenges this lust for all things of the mind and asks, “so why do you want to be mental?”

In the west (and hardly in the east) we don’t have a tradition of questioning  “I, the mind.” Who dares stand up to the holy halls of knowledge and information – even with the pitiful consequences we’ve created? That’s why you owe it to yourself to consider there may be another way to liv; that going down the mental rabbit hole – over and over, trying to think our way out and and coming up short – is getting old. Maybe we are willing to exploring a relation to reality that actually supports life for real rather than the shabby offerings thinking has provided.

Living in the mind and neglecting reality is like any addiction. First we have to stop and examine the cause. Desteni i process shows you how to stop. Think of it as a Great Experiment.

And it’s free!
Desteni I Process lite

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