The Great Transition & the Power of Words – Day 287


“The world is undergoing big changes in the economic, development and political spheres, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today in a lecture at Stanford University, highlighting three essential ways to navigate through this “Great Transition.”

“The transition is economic, as engines of growth and economic power continue to shift with the rise of the Asia-Pacific region.” 

But wait, this “economic shift” is not some magical passing of the torch – this was planned and made possible by US trade agreements like GATT, signed into law (without democratic vote) under Clinton. GATT helped build the infrastructure of China, guaranteeing the loss of the US industrial and manufacturing base; resulting in massive world-wide economic instability. 

The use of such words as  like democracy and development is disengenous . Economic laws and proposals like GATT, NAFTA or Agenda 21 treaty do not come up for democratic vote. Why and how is it that ordinary people have left such monumental, planetary decisions  to unelected non-representative representatives? 

The nature of brainwashing is when you hear a word that is lived in opposition from what it means and you think it’s normal.

So who makes the decisions in Ki-Moon’s “Great Transition”? Will it be you?

In Equal Money Capitalism we propose to create a functional system that works for everyone. No hierarchies. No serfs. No abandoned peoples, no acceptable loses, no more dialectic, no more middle way.

The intellect will be praised in it’s service for what it can create and provide for the common good. We take back democracy and breathe life into ourselves and this planet.

Join us.

EQUAL MONEY CAPITALISM: The Great Real Transition

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