What isn’t Propaganda? – Day 370


All expression is an expression of a world view and everyone defends their worldview
so everyone is a propagandist.

Propaganda in the hands of our elite is a study in near-perfection. Orwell might have called it “a matured totalitarianism” – a sophisticated matrix that has deformed our humanity… we bought their story and we have forgotten our ability to challenge tyranny.

Propaganda has done a swell job of stylizing our particular form of consumer serfdom. “Capital”, post 9/11 fled to privatization: private armies, private rules, private prisons, private entertainment havens…our world becomes smaller and smaller, and as philologist Syme noted in 1984: “Don’t you see that whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought?…Every year fewer and fewer words, and the range of consciousness always a little smaller.”

Even the “art”, thought to be so original, was vetted and pimped for prop purposes.

Unknown to the artists, the new American art was secretly promoted under a policy known as the “long leash” – arrangements similar in some ways to the indirect CIA backing of the journal Encounter, edited by Stephen Spender.  

…Dismayed at the appeal communism still had for many intellectuals and artists in the West, the new agency set up a division, the Propaganda Assets Inventory, which at its peak could influence more than 800 newspapers, magazines and public information organisations. They joked that it was like a Wurlitzer jukebox: when the CIA pushed a button it could hear whatever tune it wanted playing across the world.

It’s time we retired ‘matured totalitarianism’ – and reverse it, so that instead of ideological purity based on profit, we can have purity of life: we can allow life to just live.

The antidote to propaganda is Truth: to stop telling lies – lies about ourselves, lies about the world.  Truth is not subjective, it is not born “in the telling”, it is not peculiar to the narrative, it’s not dependent upon circumstances – That’s propaganda. 

Truth is Life and Life is worthy of support. We are life and we are all worthy of support. We must do all that we can ensure everyone and all life is supported,

fer real…..

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