Corporate Trolls and Privitization


Ordinary people don’t enter politics, but they should. Ordinary people don’t think about trolls, but they should.  Ordinary people may not want to believe we are under a tyranny of corporate feudalism, but we are – and while ordinary people do ordinary things, corporations like Nestlé are are privatizing drinking water and trying to patent plants like the Fennel Flower

Trolls are paid to ensure that ordinary people never hear what the Chairman and former CEO of Nestles believes, that “access to water is not a public right.” Trolls manage ‘the herd’ for the Plunderers.

And all this time we ordinary folk have been missing the big reality show right under our noses –  the near-complete takeover of this physical world – And while the  lawyers for Nestlé argue the plausibility of owning the fennel flower, who is there to represent the flower? Who is representing the water, the soil, the lab rats?

How Long is it going to be before You Realize you’ve Duped Yourself and you’re Duping and Misleading Others? That you are Purely a Result of a System that Deliberately Manipulate and Control the Very Thoughts You Have? The Question is Never Asked: “Why was it that when I was Born I could not Think? Who Placed These Thoughts Inside Me? Where Do they Come from? Who Benefits from these Types of Thoughts? Why are they so Aggressively, Emotionally Controlling that I do not Want to Consider that my Fellow Man Could Be a Human of Integrity? Who Made me Believe this? Who Placed all this Information inside me?” Investigate. 

Investigate What has Become of Yourself and if This Character, this Personality that you have Designed with which to Participate in this World – is In Fact based on Knowledge and information that is Valid and that is in Alignment with That which is the Basic Human Rights of Everyone: All Born Equal Before God/Creator. That Equality is Unquestionable – yet, there is No Reason that is Forthcoming from the Educated Elite of this World, as All is Using the Education to Enslave more and more, coming with the Idea that: apparently because they ‘Studied Hard,’ which was What – Reading from Books, Writing Exams, Getting a Piece of Paper (which is now suddenly ‘Worth Money’, because you can take this Piece of Paper and Make Money with it) and this is apparently giving you some Rights and Authority over What Is ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’ in this World? It Gives you the Idea that you can apparently Control Who Gets Access to Basic Human Rights on Earth and that Your Basic Human right of Owning Parts of the Earth and Owning all kinds of stuff – is apparently Worth ‘More’ than the Rights of Those that Don’t Have the Same Opportunities as You in terms of Education, Housing, Food, Water?

Bernard Poolman


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