Children Should Never Need Inhalers – Day 403


“Rise Up or Die” by Chris Hedges was difficult to read at 8 this morning. This sentence in particular, near the end of the article broke me up, “And the Appalachian Mountains, which provide the headwaters for much of the Eastern Seaboard, are dotted with enormous impoundment ponds filled with heavy metals and toxic sludge. In order to breathe, children go to school in southern West Virginia clutching inhalers” 

This how we treat our children? Our water? Our precious lives? How is it we are so removed from the unconditional support of this earth – this life provides for us? How do not do everything we can to support each other to figure out a solution?

I urge everyone to read this article and consider the world we are leaving for the children of the future, the animals and the plant life. We must take responsibility and step up to make our lives mean the difference between hell on earth or heaven on earth.

Hedges has summed up the bankruptcy of what we have created; a world based in self-interest and the privatization of happiness. 

It’s not THEM it’s US. There is no one else. Cynicism and blame are tools of enslavement.  To decide that one is entitled to “a good life” and to not join with others to correct our deviation is to live a massive psychotic break from reality.

Please investigate the Journey to Life Blogs and see and hear for yourself how a group of ordinary people are challenging themselves to stop living the Lie and to see what is possible to when we decide to stand up for each other and for Life.

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